The Leading Financial Group in China

Intebridge invests in the hi-tech areas overseas. We normally focuses on the startups from the round A to C as well as co-invest in companies around Pre-IPO. The early-stage companies could also be invested.  
Merges & Acquisitions

Intebridge collaborates with the listed companies or funds in China to merge and acquire the overseas companies. The targeted companies are generally the ones with the core technologies as well as the market potentials in China.      
Financial Advisory

We are also the gateways of overseas companies to China. Intebridge is well connected with the leading funds and the Chinese listed companies to invest together. Hence, we help the overseas companies to raise funds in China too.  
We work with the companies, associations, funds, law firms and agencies to discover the potential investment and M&A opportunities. Intebridge is well-connected with many partners in over twenty countries and areas. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.
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